We take great pride in making sure that all our treats are 100% Natural.  It was an interesting find to use chickpea as the base of all our dog friendly icing used for decorating biscuits.  We use fresh produce for colouring, therefore the colour depth may change in accordance to the produce used.  Chickpea is also an alternative source of protein and the icing is loaded with all the goodness from the fruit or vegetable we use. It is wheat-free, gluten-free and lactose-free.  When selecting your biscuit option while ordering you can choose to have it decorated or just keep them plain.  Our gallery will grow as we do more flavours.

Turmeric icing OP.jpg
Carrot icing.OP.jpg
Icing Blueberry and Strawberry.OP.jpg
Kale icing.OP.jpg
Sparulina Icing Furry Kids Kitchen.jpg