Natural Pet Treats

Our handmade natural pet treats are made from fresh ingredients.  We are a little nutty here with our peanut filled biscuits.  All our vegan treats and biscuit are manufactured and delivered in the United Kingdom.  We do a variety of treats including birthday and milestone boxes.  Some items can be personalized with your dog's name and decorations.

We hope you enjoy scrolling through our Grrr Treats so that we can create everlasting tail wagging expereinces.

Each of our recipes has been designed with our dogs in mind.  We all know how much they love peanut butter, which is why we put it in pretty much everything.  We roast and grind down the peanuts here in the kitchen, so we know there are no nasties in it.  We do not have preservatives or additives or sugars including xylitol in our natural treats. Bakes are made in small batches and to order to make sure that you get the freshes treats. 

We have an ever-growing selection of treats and biscuits.  Some of which are gluten-free and grain-free.  There is also a consideration of the products combined to make up the final treat.  Banana and peanut butter make for the perfect after-walkies and are also the winner of the Scottish Agri Show Hamlyns Baking Competition winner 2021.  We have a seaweed biscuit to cover omega's, pineapple for minerals and our latest is lavender to enhance the calm of a nervous pup just to name a few.  

Please feel free to send us a message if you do not find what you are looking for or need to do a special request for a dog with a sensitive tummy, allergy, or just fussiness.  We strive to create ever lasting tail-wagging experiences with our Grrr treats.  The treats and biscuits form part of complementary diet requirements.  This is great for sensory stimulations which also complements our snuffles range. Everything is handmade and manufactured in the United Kingdom.  We delivered nationally.  All our treats are vegan as that falls within our Trading Food Standard Scotland regulations registration.